an innovative metafictional experience

We live in an age of cookie cutter games and virtual theme parks. The modern expectation for an MMO isn't a world to live in - it's a game to play in and some buttons to mash; easy and rapid bursts of dopamine. Actions aren't held accountable because everyone is self sufficient, there's never a need to socialize, never a reason to help another out. Gone are the days of forging relationships, friendships, partnerships - they have been replaced by offline auction houses and cross server dungeon queues. Immersion is a thing of the past, as you are constantly being reminded that you're playing a game: buy this, click here, follow the glowing trail to the next quest hub. Players rely on mercenaries, bots, and boxes: artificial group members, treated like robots and used solely to propel through the content as fast as possible, rushing through the journey to arrive at the destination sooner. Quest dialogue is skipped, barely skimmed through, and condensed into a single list of objectives: kill and collect like a drone; seek and destroy.

SANCTUARY™ is none of those things.

We don't believe in instant gratification. For us, it's about the journey, not the destination. Our players aren't just warm bodies to fill group slots, they are people, each with their own personalities and distinctive play styles. We cater to the heart and the soul, not brute strength. To progress through the content of SANCTUARY™, a player will need to use strategy, cleverness, creativity. Trying to smash your way through our content will result in death and its harsh penalties. Using your mind will result in satisfying rewards with real purpose and meaning, not just a bigger number on your sword.

Things will be slow. You will start out with nothing - naked, cold, and alone. What you wear will be sewn yourself, from materials you gather yourself. There are no quest hubs… there are no tasks with clearly defined objectives for you to idly complete while you watch a movie. Your weapon, if you choose to use one, will be handcrafted from the resources of the earth. Your character will be whoever and whatever you define it to be through your chosen style of play and through your actions and decisions. You may start as an Adventurer and decide that combat isn't really for you, and you would rather spend your time crafting unique goods and selling them to the other players, happily living out your days as a Merchant. That same Adventurer may choose to be on the front lines of battle, training to be a fierce Warrior. Both of these are completely different play styles, and both are totally viable options for the same base class.

Our game is designed for a player to play one character, focusing on its growth and development, and teaming up with friends and allies when the going gets rough. We do not design our content for "boxing" multiple characters, dragging them along behind you like robot butlers, and this play style is unsupported. Players of SANCTUARY™ will get a much more rich and fulfilling experience by choosing one main character to play and sticking with it, as there is a lot of "horizontal progression" that doesn't necessarily get reflected in numbers and stats, and trying to spread this type of progression across multiple characters at once can be underwhelming.

Player economy is vital to SANCTUARY™. Many tradeskill recipes are kept exclusive to certain classes, subclasses, and progression points in our world. Each player is not intended to master every tradeskill, in fact, that would be impossible. Success with tradeskills comes from choosing one or two to master, and the opportunity for fame and fortune is ripe with our complex and elaborate tradeskill system. Start simply, combining a stick and coal to make a torch, and with some time and effort, you'll be a master woodworker, crafting ornate bows from the rarest woods available.

Our world is full of exploration potential, and when encountering what seems to be a brick wall, find a way to chip away at it until you can progress. If your ideas don't work, ask a friend, as two heads are always better than one. When brute force isn't doing the job, look around for resources that may help you come up with another solution. There is never just one way to solve a problem, and solitude and isolation from the community will get you nowhere. Use what has been given to you and strategize a way to find more resources to work with.

As you're playing SANCTUARY™, always keep in mind that here, the journey is more important than the destination. Enjoy your journey, build your community, and have fun!

The stage is set in a brand new universe, with a highly stylized approach to itemization and dungeon themes. Think back to the feeling you had when you first began playing classic EverQuest*, a sense of wonder and danger as you explore an unfamiliar new world. This feeling has been recreated here in a brand new game made in the EverQuest* engine and we are very excited to share it with you.


  • 100% custom content - no item or zone is like its classic EverQuest* counterpart, everything has been reworked from the ground up to give players a sense of the unknown, mystery and intrigue
  • Level 40 cap for the base game, with future planned expansions raising the level cap
  • Dangerous and complex world - players will need to band together and form alliances as they set out to discover a new world and find their place among the new pantheon of heroes
  • Dynamic world role playing events with a unique approach to player interaction and storytelling
  • Overall artistic feeling to the world, evoking suspense, intrigue, horror, mystery, and humor
  • Consistent level of quality - A small, focused development team so everything remains consistent and cohesive
  • Balanced gameplay - Everything in our world has its place and a purpose


Choose your own character development and unlock unique custom class abilities based on your playstyle and item choices. Will you be a Samurai, a Monk capable of great destruction with his stealth abilities and bladed weapons, or will you choose the path of the Sensei, a peaceful enlightened one focused on purifying the body of himself and his allies to augment their defenses and heal their wounds? Perhaps you'll be something else entirely, such as the Sage, a Sorcerer specializing in the positive and negative manipulations of mana.

Open Race System

Players can enjoy an endless number of character combinations with the open race system, allowing any class to be any race

Hundreds of rare and ultra rare items

Stand out from the crowd in valuable collectible items. Discover items so rare that they'll be one-of-a-kind in your possession for a long time to come. Collect interesting and useful treasures from every corner of the world, at every level range, and amass a huge collection of trinkets and fashion pieces.

Epic Raids

Gather your allies to tackle thoughtful, story-driven raid content. Create strategies and gear up with your friends to defeat the raid bosses and soar to all new heights.

High Definition Textures

The visuals of the game have been reworked with modernly styled, high definition textures. You will experience the EverQuest* engine as it's never been seen before.

Helpful Tips from the Community


Some Talents are given for free upon character creation, and when you choose a subclass. Some Talents are also given for free upon reaching certain levels. Best practice is to check your Talents (V key) each level.


Subclasses are the focusing of a class into a more specific area of expertise. Up to level 20, the spells a class gets are a mix of which roles the class could fill. When a character hits level 20, they choose a specific subclass to become, where certain aspects of the class are expanded upon and strengthened, while elements of the opposite subclass cease to continue being learned.


Tradeskills are fully custom to SANCTUARY™ as well, and can have restrictions based on class or subclass. There are no in-game guides or recipe books detailing the correct item combinations. All recipes on the wiki are from player trial and error. Generally, the correct combinations are not overly complex, but it can take a long time for the community to piece together the more complicated recipes.

*SANCTUARY™ is not affiliated with Darkpaw Games and all copyrights pertaining to EverQuest are the exclusive property of Darkpaw Games