sanceq_icon_adventurer.png ADVENTURER

This rough-and-tumble spirit is always ready for anything. Upbeat and hearty, this fast moving adventurer takes the lead in any situation and never backs down. Possessing high proficiency in most weapons, and able to wear all kinds of armor, this is a good choice for those who want to stand on the front lines of battle and discover treasures and secrets before anyone else.

sanceq_icon_alchemist.png ALCHEMIST

Alchemists are primarily interested in the conversion and transference of one material to another - at a cost. The main pillar of Alchemy is that of Equivalent Exchange: For every gain, there must be an equal loss. Alchemists can create amazing potions unseen elsewhere in the world, using specialized waters and plant materials. They can also create poisons, able to be applied to weapons, food, drink, and used directly on the target of the poisoning. Alchemists are able to imbue precious metals, and even convert them to new metals altogether.

sanceq_icon_archer.png ARCHER

The Archer is a master marksman, luring her prey into snare traps and then picking them off from a distance with her bow. A capable scout and hunter, the Archer can aid allies by foraging for food, fishing, leather working, and providing basic medical care.

sanceq_icon_assassin.png ASSASSIN

The Assassin is a master of dealing death unexpectedly. Lurking in the shadows, one never knows when an Assassin may strike. These clever rogues are proficient in using piercing and slashing weapons for a clean, quick kill. The Assassin is able to talk his way out of almost any situation, and will be quick to flee when things don't go according to his plan.

sanceq_icon_bard.png BARD

The messengers and entertainers of the world, Bards possess great musical talent. They chronicle the adventures of their allies, retell historical events, and provide comfort and entertainment to all.

sanceq_icon_dragoon.png DRAGOON

Noble and just, Dragoons serve as natural champions for the causes they see fit. Taking the moral high ground in any situation, Dragoons are a trustworthy and valuable partner. Dragoons specialize in two handed weapons, particularly giant broad swords and lances, with which they are also able to bash their opponents. Dragoons wear heavy armor and plan their attacks strategically, sometimes opting to stand in the back and throw heavy spears.

sanceq_icon_enchanter.png ENCHANTER

Enchanters are masters of the material world, augmenting and altering objects as they see fit. With a wave of the hand, they can curse and un-curse items, supercharge their allies, and severely weaken their opponents. Enchanters are also able to communicate with the supernatural realm, calling forth a friendly magical wisp to aid them on their travels. Many Enchanters choose to specialize in the art of jewelcrafting, as precious gems are particularly conducive to their enchantment magics.

sanceq_icon_monkl.png MONK

Monks are a sect of priest that have taken a vow to remain pure and chaste. They diligently train their bodies to ignore earthly temptations and needs. A Monk's ultimate goal is to achieve a state of enlightenment that transcends the mortal plane. Pacifist by nature, a Monk will defend himself if necessary, using hand to hand weapons, blunt objects, deadly shurikens, and sharp katanas.

sanceq_icon_nercromancer.png NECROMANCER

More than just mere dabblers in the macabre, Necromancers are truly undeath itself. They are responsible for bringing the undead into the world, and over time have served as the mortal planetary grim reapers. Necromancers help the lost spirits of the dead find their way, and a Necromancer will almost always be spotted at the scene of a murder or death, collecting the lingering ambient souls.

sanceq_icon_occultist.png OCCULTIST

An Occultist does not possess innate magical abilities, but rather has delved deep enough into the occult that he can invoke void magic through rituals and sacrifices. Many of the Occultist's spells are contained within dark grimoires and texts that are only legible to a highly trained occult scholar. Being that the Occultist is a person born out of the magical realm, he has training in all armor types and can wield most weapons.

sanceq_icon_priest.png PRIEST

Stern and revered, these members of the clergy dedicate their lives to theological studies. Their connection to the gods grant them divine powers, able to heal the most tainted of souls with a splash of holy water and prayer. Some priests delve into the world of politics, moving their way up the ranks of the churches, while others go their own route, choosing to live a life of isolation and solitude.

sanceq_icon_sorcerer.png SORCERER

A Sorcerer's philosophy is simple - magic in its purest form is the greatest gift to all mankind. Viewing other magical specialties as inferior and watered down, a sorcerer constantly tries to sharpen his mind and stay focused on his craft. Knowledge is literal power to a sorcerer, and he looks down upon those that don't expend an effort to learn and develop.

sanceq_icon_summoner.png SUMMONER

Summoners are mages who specialize in the creation and invocation of supernatural objects and creatures. Pulling these things from seemingly nowhere, these summoners are deeply connected to a plane of existence that no one else can see.

sanceq_icon_tamer.png TAMER

Tamers have wilderness survival in their blood. With their animal companions, a tamer spends all of her free time out in nature. They are exceptionally skilled in hunting, gathering, foraging, fishing, woodworking, and first aid.

sanceq_icon_witch.png WITCH

Witches are highly attuned to nature and the protection of the natural world. Witches have such respect for plants and animals that they will avoid harming them at all costs, instead seeking guidance and comfort in their presence. Every Witch has a familiar with whom she has a deep and lasting relationship. Witches are natural healers and spiritual leaders, offering both physical and mental aid to her friends and allies.