Frequently Asked Questions

Which SANCTUARY™ game can I play right now?

Currently, SANCTUARY™ : Nexus, created in the EverQuest™ engine, is available to play for free.
SANCTUARY™ : Enter Magnos is still in active development, with update notes posted in the Enter Magnos Discord server.

Is SANCTUARY™ Pay-to-Win?

While SANCTUARY™ : Nexus includes a Void Shop allowing players to gain exclusive items for donating toward SANCTUARY™ upkeep costs, all items obtained in this method are cosmetic or quality-of-life only and do not provide stats or an advantage to others in gameplay.

Is 2-boxing allowed on SANCTUARY™?

At this time, a single player operating two accounts simultaneously (2-boxing) is allowed on the SANCTUARY™ : Nexus main server

These are special rules in place during the pre-launch period and are subject to change at any time.

At launch, the main server will allow for 2-boxing, while the seasonal server will be single-character only.

What does being a Patron get me?

Patrons become valued Astral Members and gain access to several exclusive Discord channels, as well as earning the ability to gain Discord Astrals to exchange for exclusive in-game items

What does being a Donor get me?

Players who donate through the SANCTUARY™ Void Shop will receive in-game Void Astrals in a 1:1 ratio to their donation amount, which can be spent at void peddler merchants in exchange for exclusive in-game cosmetic items, titles, and quality of life services.

What is the drop rate / spawn rate / chance of this item dropping or enemy spawning?

As a broad policy, we do not disclose or discuss the specific rates, figures, algorithms, or coding behind any of our game systems or features. This is a no-exceptions policy and will not be waived under any conditions.

Is MQ2 allowed?

A custom built, minimal version of MQ2 with only the features we allow is available for use. These allowed features are limited to: the /stick command, item lore information, and additional spell information.

This allowed build of MQ2 can be downloaded here.

To see a list of the available plugins in-game, use the /plugin list command.