Welcome to SANCTUARY™!

Welcome to SANCTUARY™, an innovative metafictional experience. Before you get to work escaping from The Frozen Purgatory, please familiarize yourself with this manual. If you are new to SANCTUARY™, this manual contains information that you may find vital on your adventures.

NOTE: If you need help with an in-game issue, please use Discord to get in contact with a Game Master (GM).

NOTE: Most of the windows and commands mentioned in this help can be found by clicking on the SANCTUARY™ button, which starts by default on the bottom right of your screen.

► Player Information

1.1 Account Creation

1.2 Contributing to the Wiki

► Basic Information

2.1 Movement

2.1.1 Mouse-look

2.1.2 Swimming

2.2 Communication

2.3 Chat Channels

2.4 Using Your Inventory Window

2.5 Combat Systems

2.5.1 Auto-attack

2.5.2 The "Con" Consider System

2.5.3 Scribing Spells

2.5.4 Memorizing Spells

2.5.5 Spell Sets

2.5.6 Using Magic

2.5.7 Experience

2.6 Acquiring, Selling, and Buying Items

2.7 Trading and Dropping Items

2.8 Skills

2.9 Exiting the Game

2.10 Player Character Death

2.11 Food and Drink

2.12 Magical Weapons

2.13 Targeting

2.14 Extended Targeting Window

2.15 Grouping

2.16 The "Who" Command

2.17 Friends and Ignore List

2.18 Effects Window

2.19 Songs Window

2.20 Player Window

2.21 The Compass and Maps

2.22 Hotkeys

► Advanced Information

3.1 Achievements

3.2 Talents

3.3 Disciplines

3.6 Augmentations

3.9 Loyalty Tokens

3.10 Claims

3.11 The Void Shop

3.16 Guilds

► In-Game Commands

These are commands accessed through the chat window. For the most part you will not need these. Just in case you do, we have described them here.

4.1 General Commands

4.1.1 Combat Specific Commands

4.1.2 Tracking Commands

4.1.3 Chat Specific Commands

4.1.4 Utility Commands

4.1.5 Group and Raid Commands

4.1.6 Options and Settings

4.1.7 Sound and Sound Control Device Commands

4.1.8 Other Commands

4.2 Guild Commands

4.3 Pet Related Commands

4.4 Emote List

► Game Features

5.1 Armor Dyes

5.2 Cartography

5.3 Guild Management Tool

5.4 Looking for Group/Players System

► Obtaining In-Game and Technical Support

6.1 Contacting a GM

6.2 Contacting Technical Support