2.4 Using Your Inventory Window

To access the inventory window, press the [ I ] key. In the center of this window are your equippable armor slots. These are the ones surrounding the black area in the center. On the bottom right of this window are your base inventory slots. When you obtain a new item, this is the window that you will use to equip it.

To equip an item, simply left-click on it once to pick it up from your inventory and drag it over to the black box in the center of the inventory window. Left-click there to drop it; this will place the item in the first available slot that it fits in. This is known as auto-equipping.

If you attempt to auto-equip an item and it goes into your base inventory instead of onto your character, it might be because you already have an item equipped in the slot that the new item needs to go in. For example: if you are trying to equip new a sword and your starting weapon is equipped in your primary slot, the new weapon cannot be auto-equipped. To equip the new weapon, left-click it to pick it up out of your inventory. Then left-click on the primary weapon slot, where the old weapon is located. This will swap the new weapon with the old one, equipping the new one. Then just left-click the old weapon into your inventory.

To open bags in your inventory, just right-click on them. A new window will open up, showing you the contents of the bag. Note that you can only place bags in the basic inventory slots on the bottom right of the inventory window.

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