3.11 The Void Shop

The Void Shop is where you can seek out Void Astrals to receive for your character in exchange for making a donation to the upkeep and development of SANCTUARY™ and its servers, domains, services, websites, and features. To open a link to the Void Shop from within the game, hail a void peddler NPC. If you wish to purchase an item with Void Astrals, you will first need to get some Void Astrals! Donate via the Void Shop website at [https://www.thevoid.shop] and you will receive Void Astrals at a 1:1 ratio with your donation amount.

Once you have donated, your Void Astrals will immediately be sent to the character name you use as your site login when making your donation. Please note, we will never ask for your SANCTUARY™ account information or password, only your character name.

Once you have received your Void Astrals, they will be in your Vault. The Vault can be accessed in the Inventory window by clicking the Vault tab at the top of the window. Click on the Open Vault button to see your total amount of Void Astrals.

Once at a void peddler, right click them to search through the available items and find one you like. Simply select the item and click on the Purchase button and the item will appear in your character's inventory.

NOTE: Items you purchase from void peddler NPCs will be given to the character you are playing when you buy them.

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